Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dress for Less

While I was at the store looking for running shoes with my wife last week, I had a look at some running shorts. I found some pretty sweet shorts from Nike. I loved everything about them--the look, the feel, the fabric, and especially the little pocket near the top for keys or gels, etc.--except the $35 price tag. Maybe I'm just a cheapskate, but that's a little too much for me. Needless to say, they made their way back to the rack.

The other day, I stumbled across a Ross store. I've gotten some good deals on clothing there in the past, so I thought I'd have a look to see what they have in the way of running shorts. What do you know? They had the exact same shorts for a fraction of the price, only $12.99! They had a limited selection of sizes, but I'm okay with a large instead of a medium at that price. I tested them out this morning, and I am very pleased with them. They also had a pretty good selection of technical tees. I'll definitely be checking out Ross the next time I am in the market for more running apparel.

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Lani said...

Let's go get me some technical tees! ;-)