Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Moments of Pleasure

The past week has brought forth a plethora of running joys:

1. I have always daydreamed about getting paid to run. I finally figured out how to do it! Many of you know that I am a school psychologist. I work at two schools in the district. My wife and I only have one car. She needs the car most Mondays and Wednesdays. I often have to travel between schools for meetings, etc. So, last Wednesday, when my wife had the car, and I needed to be at both schools, I brought my running shoes. It usually takes about 5-6 minutes to drive 1.7 mile stretch, and I took a short cut through the neighborhood, cutting the distance to 1.25 miles, ran the distance in just over 8 minutes. So it takes just a couple minutes longer than driving, I get a couple extra miles in, the district doesn't pay for my mileage, and I am actually getting paid to run.

2. I found the miracle stretch! After the 9 on the 9th, my hamstring and butt were feeling pretty tight. I was reading about sciatica and other hamstring injuries and came across this stretch. Literally right after I got up, I felt no more discomfort in my booty, and it has been fine since. Still looking for the miracle stretch for my hamstring, but I'm sure I'll get that sorted out soon.

3. Track season at the middle school started yesterday. You might remember that I coached the cross country team in the fall. Now I'll be coaching the track team! I am really excited about that. We had a pretty small turn out--still more than we had for cross country, so we are happy. And these kids seem to much more motivated and easy to manage. Hopefully, next week after baseball and softball tryouts are over, we'll have a decent sized team.

4. Last, and definitely the coolest... My wife is starting to run! She has always wanted to run, but hasn't been real motivated to do it. We have done a few 5Ks together, but it has never been anything real consistent. She is running with some friends three times a week at (get this) 6:10 in the morning! Wow! I can't even get myself up to go that early. She is going to need some new running shoes, so I am excited to go get some with her. She only has one technical tee, so we may need to pick up some of those too. I've tried to get her to wear a headband, but I don't think she's gonna go for that. But, it is still super cool. Way to go, Lani!


Lani said...

Sorry babe. No headbands for me. :-P

Topher said...

Yea, we're a one-car family too. People are always talking about me behind my back at work "what's wrong with him?" type stuff b/c I don't have at least three luxury cars that I can rotate between. Nope, just one cheerio-filled minivan for us. Good for you for getting paid for running. With all the gas money you save that way, think of how many headbands you can buy.

Fig said...

Okay, well, I get tired just READING about your enthusiasm for all things running, but I applaud you for being so dedicated, being so positive, and having such a healthy hobby! Go Reid.