Saturday, July 31, 2010

BornFit Giveaway!

Do you know any pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant runners/fitness buffs? Click here to check out my wife's website for a cool giveaway/contest incorporating both pregnancy and fitness.

We recently found out that we are expecting baby #4. My wife ran through most of her last pregnancy and could really notice the difference it made in her pregnancy and labor, so she is determined to do it again. She has blogged about pregnancy and birth for the last 3+ years, and is very passionate about it. On her new website, she will be documenting her adventures in Prego-fitness-land. So head on over to her site and find out how to enter. There are a ton of easy ways to enter to win a $25 discount code to BornFit (fitness apparel for expecting mommies), books, and handmade baby wraps. Check it out and spread the word!