Sunday, February 17, 2008

What a Run!

Occasionally, you have a run so good, that you just can't stop thinking about it. Yesterday was one of those runs. It started out with a nice three miles with my wife and kids through the neighborhood. We ended back at the house and I set out to finish a 10 miler. I wanted to take it pretty easy considering this run would about double the mileage I had last week. I started out with mile 4 being just under 8 minutes, and the rest getting better from there. In fact, I was feeling so good by the end, I surprised myself when I took a look at my splits. Here they are:

Mile 4: 7:57
Mile 5: 7:55
Mile 6: 7:38
Mile 7: 7:36
Mile 8: 7:26
Mile 9: 6:51
Mile 10: 6:08

Pretty sweet, huh?


Doug said...

I'd say pretty sweet is an understatement! Is that a 6:08 I see? Nice job!

Jenny said...
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Topher said...

Oops, didn't realize my wife was still signed in when I commented the first time, hence the "comment deleted". Wow, those are SOME split times. Nice going. Oh, and by the way, I was half joking about Juno being a running flick. While the boyfriend/father of the illegitimate child is on the HS cross-country team, and the track team goes running by in just about every other scene, the story really is about the girl Juno and her being prego. Wicked funny flick with too many good lines to remember them all.

nwgdc said...

wow! more amazing than your splits is that you ran without that intention...that you felt so good! bask in the glory of that run (and the warmth of the sun for me)!