Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Running Couple

In a previous post, I mentioned that my wife has started running. She was using a pair of pretty old shoes, so, being the running enthusiast that I am, I encouraged her to get some newer shoes. So, yesterday, we took advantage of a President's Day sale and got her a pair of Asics GT-2120's for a great price. She'll be taking them out for the first time tomorrow morning. I'm excited for her. I love the feel of running in a new pair of shoes.

While we were at the running shoe store, I naturally had to look in the men's section because, you know, my current shoes are getting up there in miles, and I've got a big race coming up in a couple months, as well as my birthday next month, and since they were on sale, I picked up a new pair as well. I got the Asics Gel-Cumulus 9's. These are the exact same shoes I am currently running in, although you wouldn't be able to tell because the old ones are so dirty.

We are both excited to hit the road in our new kicks.


Topher said...

I wear the same shoes, the G-C 9's and love them. I'm going to be due for another pair by late spring-early summer. Wish I could find them for less than $90 bucks, though.

Doug said...

I love getting a new pair of shoes only to compare them to the old ones. I never think the old ones are THAT dirty, but yeah... they've been places. They have their stories to tell.

Amanda said...

oh now I'm jealous...I want new shoes...hmm maybe I "need" new shoes. Yes, I think I do, thank you for reminding me.

bill carter said...

Hi Reid

I hope all is going well with your training as I think you've got a little race coming up in 2 months.. are you getting pumped or what?? I am already so excited and I promise you that it will be different than anything else you experience as a runner. It gives me chills even thinking back on running down Boylston at the finish.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'll be checking up on you.

BTW, new shoes do rule!