Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Love Running!

Isn't it so awesome to come in from a run with that feeling? That you just love to run? I had an excellent tempo run this afternoon. It was a beautiful day, 59 degrees, lots of sunshine, Christmas break. Can't get much better than that. I did 5 miles on a route I ran a couple times about a month ago, so I was expecting to finish in approximately the same amount of time. Last time, I struggled to keep a 7:30 pace. Today's run started out with mile one at 6:33. Here are some of my thoughts throughout the rest of the run: Wow, a little too fast, better slow it down a little. Mile 2: 6:43. Still faster than planned, but I'm feeling good, I wonder if I can keep it up. Mile three: 6:46. This is getting tough, but mile four usually seems to go by faster than the others: 6:35. Awesome! One mile to go. I can do this. Whoa, this is getting tough. Almost there. Mile 5: 6:30. Yes! Oh man, that was tough.

I walked in the house with a big smile on my face. I told my wife that I just can't get over how good of a run that was. This is one of the reasons I run. It just feels so good. Well, for me, most of the time. Having a good run like this goes to show that all that hard work and training is really doing something. I am getting somewhere. I am getting better. I will reach my goals.

Don't you love to run?!

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nwgdc said...

smokin' times! way to go--another wall of fitness broken through!