Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's a Miracle!

The Chicago Cubs needed a miracle. At least that was the premise of the 1993 film "Rookie of the Year?" Henry Rowengartner, a huge Chicago Cubs fan, has some sort of accident (I can't remember how it happened--it's been too long) and hurts his shoulder. Somehow after it healed, his shoulder became incredibly powerful and the Cubs pick him up as a pitcher. His new-found ability ends up taking the Cubs to the World Series.

That's sort of how I felt yesterday on my 8 miler. That dog bite from the 8 on the 8th must have done something to me. I felt great! I haven't felt that good on a run in a long time. Now, I'm not claiming to have become an elite runner as a result of my little accident, but I ran a different 8 mile course (a more difficult 8 mile course), and I ran over 3 minutes faster than the race last week. I even had to stop to get a rock out of my shoe.

Can I attribute such a difference in one weeks time to the effects of that dog bite? Probably not. But it makes for a more entertaining post than just saying that my cold is gone, my hamstrings are feeling great, and I've started running more this week. Plus, my run caused me to reminisce about the fun movie that I went to see with my best friend when I was a wee lad of 14.

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The Laminator said...

Wow! I guess the dog bite might have been a blessing in disguise. So let me get this straight, if that kid hurts his shoulder and then pitches the Cubs into the World Series, does that mean you're going to win the Boston Marathon?! I see the analogy =)