Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

My wife and I have been having tons of fun making cute Christmas ornaments for friends and family out of Sculpey oven-bake clay and other things. We have made Christmas trees, a snowman, colored lights, etc., but tonight I had run out of creative ideas. As I was sitting and staring at the clay, I envisioned my running shoes. I thought, "Wouldn't be be cool to have a running shoe ornament?" Of course it would! So I made this, modeled after my older, Boston-qualifying Asics.
You might not be able to see all the detail, but it's pretty sweet! I even put shoelaces on.

Back in 2003, we started a tradition of purchasing or making ornaments for each other. The year I ran my first marathon, my wife got me a ball ornament with "26.2" painted on it. Last year she made an ornament with a picture of me running the St. George Marathon when I qualified for Boston. This year, my she made me a cool ornament with my new hero on it, Steve Prefontaine.It is really just one of those picture keychains with Pre and a card with a quote inserted. Like I said, we've been having a lot of fun and getting pretty creative this holiday season.

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