Thursday, December 11, 2008

White elephant gifts!

After the treat I got last year, I just had to get in on this year's Runner's Lounge white elephant gift exchange (this week's Take it and Run theme).

Not many of us like running in the rain, right? Coming home from a run all sweaty is bad enough. Who wants to get completely soaked as a result of a workout in the rain? Here is the perfect solution... The Umbrella Headband!!Not only does this baby feature a comfortable, chic, and uncumbersome large diameter shield from the rain, it comes fully equipped with a state of the art, sweat-absorbing headband! What could be better? Now you can head out for your daily run, rain or shine, and not have to fear the elements.

1 comment:

Michelle J said...

My goodness, how trendy and fashionable!!

Does it come in different colors so it can match whatever your wearing??

I'm just saying!