Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pregos represent!

By Lani

So my fetal son participated in a women's race last Saturday. Turns out he actually wasn't the only male. But that's not what this post is about. Ax Jr. may not have been the only male, but I am fairly certain I was the only pregnant runner. I looked around me all through the race and afterward and didn't see any other tell-tale baby bumps. (Granted there could have been several ladies with peanut-sized children in their wombs, but how could I know?) Where are all the pregnant runners?

I was flipping through some of our old Runner's World magazines today and saw a little blurb (November 2007) where a pregnant runner complained, "My doctor gave me the green light to run while pregnant, but other people--even runners--look at me like I'm doing something wrong." I've never been the recipient of any dirty looks, but plenty of incredulous comments. When I told my brother-in-law I ran a race, his response was, "In your condition?!" A hardcore female running friend ran through all her pregnancies but thought I was some combination of brave and crazy to do actually run a race. Is it really that strange?

Recent research has demonstrated the benefits of prenatal exercise and health experts now encourage pregnant women to get 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. Personally, I'm nowhere near that, though I wish I had that kind of motivation. Which is why I signed up for a race... to motivate myself to get out the door.

I've been running off and on throughout this pregnancy, and I do plan to continue as long as I can. You know... I'd really like to see more pregnant race participants. If pregnant runners don't get out there and race with those baby bumps, the concept will continue to seem taboo. Let's show ourselves and the world that we can most definitely run "in [our] condition!"


Pat said...

maybe there should be a race just for pregnant women. Instead of age groups, you could have trimesters or something. The New Mommy 5k!

Hey, it could be a fundraiser for Reid's cross team. As long as, there's no students involved.

Brianna said...

I ran while pregnant with both of our kiddos until it just felt too odd to run anymore (including a marathon). I made it about half way through the second trimester with each, though it was more of a shuffle in the end!

Happy running!

Xenia said...

If your running is doctor approved I don't see why people should be bothering you with those comments. They're just showing their own ignorance.

Keep on running, Lani and Ax Jr!

Kristina said...

I once ran a 10k behind a woman in shirt that said "A pregnant woman is beating you." I loved it.
Paula Radcliffe also kicked some serious butt in a 10k when she was very visibly pregnant. So there are others out there.
Way to go!

The Laminator said...

I agree with Kristina. If Paula can do it (and she ran ALOT while she was pregnant) any one carrying a fetus should get out there! Good job, Lani!

J~Mom said...

I wish I was that fit when I was pregnant! Keep up the great work!

SuperDave said...

Good for you for getting out there!

RooBabs said...

Hi- I linked to this post from Runner's Lounge. Thanks for the story! I'm 21 weeks pregnant, and I've really been struggling with continuing to run while pregnant, and I wish there was more information/support out there. Thanks for the other links.

I ran a half-marathon with a smaller-than-peanut size child (I was barely 5 weeks along), so there may have been a few out there with you. = )

BTW, I like Pat's idea of a race just for pregnant women. Then maybe we wouldn't feel so slow, and they could have extra porta-potties available.

Congrats Reid and Lani!!