Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sof Sole product reviews

Sof Sole is a company dedicated to making feet happy. And I must say, my feet are happy. A couple weeks ago, I received some products to test out and review. After a multiple runs in each of the products, I have come to the conclusion that Sof Sole rocks. I liked some of the products better than others, but overall, I am quite impressed with their products.

Let's start with the socks. I tried out the Cushion and the Lite performance socks. Both pairs of socks were great. The quality of each is by far superior to the cheapos I got from Target and Wal-Mart. I've worn running socks throughout the day before, and I've noticed that after a few hours, my feet start feeling damp and icky, but I didn't have that problem with either of the Sof Sole socks. I preferred the Cushion over the Lite mainly because I like a little more to a sock. The Lites were very thin and, well, light. I also like the fit of the Cushions better. You can't really tell from the picture, the Lites were actually quite a bit bigger than the Cushions. Both were size 7-10.5, but I think the Lites were closer to the 10.5 end of the range (I wear a size 9).

Overall, I give both pairs of socks two thumbs up. Would I buy more? That's a tough question because I am a cheapskate. $10 for two pairs of socks is probably a little more than I'd like to spend. But, I think that price is pretty comparable to other high quality performance socks. Would I like some more? Most definitely.

Next up, the insoles. I received the Adapt and the Athlete insoles. Both were classified and maximum cushioning, which really appealed to me with my recent knee injury and preference for cushy shoes. I was really excited to try the Adapts because, come on, how often do you get to throw something like an insole in the oven? They are heat moldable for a customized fit. Unfortunately, of all the products I tested, I was least pleased with these. I followed the directions exactly, but they didn't seem to mold to my feet very well. There was much more arch support than I needed, and honestly, they weren't very cushy. I think I'll try throwing them in the oven again and give it another go. But, for the $30 price tag, I don't think I would recommend these very highly.

Sorry for the negative review on those Sof Sole, but I really couldn't be happier with the Athlete insoles. These were so nice! From my first steps in them, I felt like I was walking on a cloud. These definitely are maximum cushioning. The arch support was perfect, and the fit couldn't have been better. These are a little heavier than the adapts, but still very light. And that slight difference is so worth it when you factor in the comfort level. After trying out the Adapt, these are back in my shoes, and are likely to stay for a long time. Anyone know how many miles you can go on an insole before needing to replace it? I'd say that these are well worth the $20 price tag if you are looking for a comfy and cushy insole.

One final observation I had about the insoles, both the Adapt and the Athlete, was that they both fit perfectly into my shoes. That was really cool because I didn't need to worry about trimming them. But, I wear a size 9, and the size range is 9-10.5. They must have been trimmed before they were sent to me, but I have not received confirmation that that is the case. So, if you are planning to buy some, be sure to check the size.

I really appreciate Sof Sole for allowing me to review their products. It was really fun trying out something new, and awesome to find some products I am likely to stick with. Sof Sole, if you'd like me to try out more of your products, I'd be more than willing.


Pat said...

I like the ideal of the adapt. I was hoping they tested well. Oh well.

Thanks for the reviews. I'm big on shoe inserts. Usually do Spencos and I replace them faster than I do the shoes.

Morgan said...

I have seen your Blog. It’s too good. Specially this post..superb