Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rain and Reminiscing

It doesn't rain in Phoenix too often, but today it was coming down pretty hard. We were out running some errands (in the car, not on foot), and I started thinking of how much fun it would be to go for a run in the rain. Lani couldn't quite understand that, but I really started running while I lived in Washington state, so running in the rain was a normal occurrence. I have a lot of good memories with the cross country team in Washington.

The whole time we were out, I was hoping it would still be raining when we got home. I was a little disappointed when we walked out of the store and saw patches of blue up in the sky. But by the time we got home, it was sprinkling again. I ran upstairs an threw on some running clothes and headed out. It was now a little more than a sprinkle, and I was already getting pretty wet. But I was loving it. I remembered running the "Bridges" in Bremerton. It was usually pretty windy out on the bridges, and if there was a strong enough headwind, our fronts would be completely drenched, but our backs almost completely dry. Fun times.

I ended up doing a little over 3 miles. I was surprised that I was able to run 7:30 miles too. Not bad for basically taking 2 months off. I walked back in the house to hear "Daddy, you're wet!" Yes I was. Just like old times.


Ted said...

Awesome !!! As long as it is warm outside, its always nice to go out when its raining. Bet those memories were great ! Glad you did it.

bill carter said...

Hi Reid

I honestly kind of don't mind running in a light, warm rain. On the other hand, it is 18 degrees this morning and snowing so a warm rain sounds pretty good right now.

7:30s? That is nothing for you Mr. Speedy.

Hope to see you at Boston '09.

Brianna said...

Ah, runs in the rain - they are lovely. Western WA is quite snowy and icy now, so I think your rain/blue sky mix is much more runner friendly than our situation out here - embrace it!

Nitmos said...

Rain running is fun!

Happy holidays!

Atrusni said...

I tried to run in the rain here in my city, but my wife would not let me!!. She would stop me at any cost!!

Do you know if running helps prevent the flu??, If I can have some scientific proof of that, she may let me run in the rain!!

Keep on running!