Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mile attempt #5

Yesterday, while Lani and the girls were visiting Grandma, I headed out for a run. As I was getting ready, I remembered the high school track was not far from her house. So I thought make another attempt at my 5 minute mile. It's been a couple weeks since my last attempt, so I wanted to give it another try. My first lap was right on pace, but I was really feeling it. Things went downhill from there. By the end of the third lap, I just wanted to quit, but I couldn't let myself do that. I mean, come on, there's only one lap to go. I'm not a quitter. That final lap was killer though. As I rounded the final turn, I looked at my watch and realized I was in reach of a new PR, so I gave it all I had and just about died as I crossed the finish. I looked down at my watch and saw 5:26. I was pretty proud of my finish time considering how hard the run was.

Does anybody know how long it takes to get used to elevation changes as far as training goes? My brother-in-law's place is over 4000 feet higher than Phoenix. I know going up in elevation makes training more difficult than in lower elevations, so I am kinda thinking that I'll be able to get to that 5 minute mark when we head home. Until then, I'll get in as much training as I can.

Stay tuned for attempt #6.


Nitmos said...

This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Takes me back to reading "The Perfect Mile" and the pursuit of the 4 minute mile mark - which I recommend for you especially as you are in your own one mile pursuit. Getting closer!

Reid said...

Thanks Nitmos. I've seen the movie "4 Minutes" about Bannister's historic mile, but haven't heard of this book. I'll definitely have to check it out.

Shilingi-Moja said...

Closer and closer.

For me, it takes about 2 weeks to adjust to higher altitude (about 5500'). But, once adjusted, then the transition back to near sea level is great, for a brief time.