Monday, June 2, 2008

Move a Million Miles for Ryan Hall

You may remember my post from about a week ago asking if anyone is interested in logging their miles to support Ryan Hall as he prepares for the Olympic Marathon. Here's a link to a motivational video from Ryan himself explaining the purpose of the movement. I've gotten a few responses regarding logging your miles as part of a group. So now the question is what should we call ourselves? I kinda like the simplicity of "RBFs." What do you all think? Unless anyone has a different idea, let's go with that. All you have to do is type the group name in the "Group Affiliation" box, and submit your miles. Thanks for running with me.


Shilingi-Moja said...

"RBFs" is fine with me. It will be interesting to see if the database reaches back to past postings and includes all the miles I've posted so far.

Run For Life said...

Sounds good to me, too.

Shilingi-Moja said...

Did you post your miles on "RBFs" for last week? I did -- or tried to -- but "RBFs" doesn't show up on the report though it does look like my miles showed up on my individual total.