Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Well, we missed the St. Patty's Day race this weekend that we had thought about doing. Oh well. We still wanted to celebrate somehow, so after my 4-year-old (dressed in green from head to toe) went off to preschool, I (in my green technical tee) took my 2-year-old (she doesn't have a green shirt, so she wore a white shirt with green and purple flowers) in the jogging stroller for a run on the paved trails through our neighborhood. This nice run was followed by a lunch of green "Tubbiecustard" (yogurt with food coloring--unfortunately, my girls love the Tellitubbies).

I hope you're wearing your green today! Nobody's gonna be pinching us!

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bill carter said...

Hi Reid

I hope all is well with your training. Boston finally posted the bib numbers on their site and you can check it out if you click on entrants.
I'll admit that I am obsessed with Boston and can't wait.

BTW, I'm #2420.

Best of luck.