Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mile Attempt #10

I went to bed last night really believing I could do it this morning. My plan was a little different than my last attempt. Earlier this week, I tried slowing down on my first lap of a 1200m run thinking this would leave me more energy to go faster the following laps. Well, I did slow down for the first lap, but I slowed down even more on the next one. So I scrapped that plan and decided I'd go for a 1:15 first lap, knock the next two down to 1:17, and then if I could run a 1:11 for the last lap, I'd be right at 5 minutes. So simple. It was bound to work.

When I got to the track this morning, I was full of confidence. I had some good carbs for dinner last night, and got to bed relatively early, so I knew today would be a good run. Like usual, though, I started out too fast. My first split was 1:13 (I really need to work on that). I intentionally slowed down for the next lap. Unfortunately, I slowed down more than I wanted. That split was 1:22. I was able to pick up the speed a little on the third lap and cut it down to 1:19. At that point, I knew a 5 minute mile was very unlikely, but I wouldn't give up. I was able to turn in my strongest kick so far and finished with a new PR of 5:09.

Although I didn't make it today, I wasn't disappointed. PRs are always awesome. I was a little surprised that I was only able to go 1 second faster than last time. But improvement is improvement, and I still have time for at least one more attempt before my race on the 23rd.

Stay tuned for attempt #11


nwgdc said...

way to go! 5:09? sheesh you're moving. to move back down to a 7:00ish pace is going to be crazy. great work!

side note, my website has changed:

Nitmos said...

Keep movin' down towards the goal. Nothing wrong with that. the lower you go, the harder it will be - I would think - to take off big chunks of time. I believe thats called the Law of Diminishing Returns or something like that.

Tall Girl Running said...

You know, I generally really dislike people who run light times faster than me (because I'm petty and jealous that way) but I came across your blog today and enjoyed what you've shared here. As a fellow LDS runner, I've found a lot of comparisons between enduring the challenges running presents and enduring the trials presented by life. It's great to see the same perspective from another runner out there just taking it a mile and a day at a time.

Keep on running... even if it is those ridiculously fast five minute miles. :-P

Frayed Laces said...

you keep getting faster and faster! so close! You know, I think it is so rad that this is your goal. As I've said before, we are all pulling for ya!

Vava said...

Man! I just read through all of your attempts and I am very impressed. This is such a great goal and if you don't make it on your next attempt I think the adrenaline of the race will push you enough to reach your goal. Good luck!