Sunday, November 18, 2007

Anyone Can Run!

I recently watched the latest Disney/Pixar movie, Ratatouille, with my wife and kids. The main character, a rat named Remy, is inspired by the great chef, August Gusteau, who asserts that "anyone can cook!" It takes effort, though. And drive and passion. Remy must team up with an awkward human in order to follow his dream of becoming a famous chef. It's a fun show. I recommend it.

Last night, I finally got around to watching a PBS/NOVA documentary that I recently heard about, called the NOVA Marathon Challenge. As part of some research from Tufts University, a group of 12 sedentary "non-athletes" are recruited to train for and run the 2007 Boston Marathon. NOVA documents their 40 weeks of training, injuries, personal triumphs and disappointments, and, of course, the marathon itself. The science and physiology of exercise and endurance training are also examined as the participants take strides toward reaching their goals and achieving what they had previously perceived as impossible.

The documentary is almost an hour long, broken into 5 chapters, each about 10 minutes long. I was inspired by watching it, not only because I will be training for my first Boston Marathon this winter, but also because, similar to Gusteau, it has always been my belief that running is something anyone can do if the desire is there--"Anyone can [run]!"

To check out the film or to read more about the Challenge, click here.

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