Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why I Run

Ever since I started running in middle school people have asked me why I run. Why would I want to do something that wears you out, makes you sore, can cause injuries, make you sweaty and stinky, and requires so much effort? Back then,all I could really say was that it is fun. Now, 15 years later, when people ask why I run, "It's fun" is still at the top of my list. It also feels good. It is a great stress reliever, a way to wind down, an excellent time to think (or not think at all). I get to experience nature and witness the beauty of God's creations. I get to spend time and share the joys of running with my kids. Running gives you an opportunity to make new friends. It provides a healthy dose of competition (not necessarily with others, but with yourself). Running has been shown to be effective in treating depression. It can actually strengthen your joints rather than damage them (that's what the research says, Mom!). It increases your metabolism, helps you lose weight. There are tons of medical and physical benefits to running. But that's not why I run. I run because it makes me happy.

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Brooke said...

You inspire me Reid! I want to be more committed to doing the things I love! :) Maybe we can come to watch you run the Boston Marathon! That would be fun!