Thursday, July 19, 2007

'To-Do' List

About 8 years ago, I told a friend of mine that I would love to run a marathon. I have now done five. After training and learning more about the running world, to run the famed Boston Marathon became my next goal. Last October in St. George, Utah I qualified to run Boston, and will do that next April. Recently, I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish after I do Boston. I have been feeling a little homesick for Germany lately, and thought it would be way cool to run another marathon there, or run a marathon in any other country for that matter. So, these thoughts have prompted me to create a running "to-do" list.

Run a marathon -- check
Qualify for Boston -- check
Run the Boston Marathon -- check
Compete in a triathlon
Run an ultra-marathon (just a 50 miler)
Run a marathon in another country
Run a marathon in under 3 hours
Break 1:20 in a half-marathon
Become a track and cross-country coach -- check
Run a sub-5 minute mile -- Check

Like I said, this is a running to-do list, so I am sure I will be adding to it.

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Lani said...

Germany, here we come!! :-)