Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beyond the Epic Run

What does it take to run around the world? In February 2000, that's what Swiss couple Serge and Nicole Roethleli set out to do. This epic run took them from Europe, across Africa, through the Middle East and Asia, and finally the United States. Can you imagine the dedication, the drive, and endurance necessary for such a feat? Over 25,000 miles in 5 years. What a way to see and experience the world! If you haven't seen it already (and even if you have, it's worth watching again), here's the trailer:
Now, if you'd like to know more about this intriguing film, I have some connections. Annie, my contact person with the film, mentioned to me that should I have any questions that I'd like to ask Serge, she could make a phone call and ask. So, I am opening this up to all of you. Here's your chance to get more information straight from the source, Serge himself. Leave a question in the comments, and I'll email them to Annie, and then post the responses in another post.

Here are a couple more videos to keep you entertained until then.

Dean Karnezes on the Epic Run

A montage of some of Serge's misfortunes


Xenia said...

Dude has got some gnarly feet! I'm curious about the newspaper around the feet. How does that help?

wmd said...


That is just amazing... I am interested in seeing the documentary.

what does the newspaper around the feet do?

I Run for Fun said...

Incredible! I need to see the documentary.