Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm not talking about math, although I've always been pretty good at math. In fact, my wife's always impressed at how quickly I can do calculations in my head. Right now I'm talking about stats. Training stats. Lately, Lani's been catching me just looking at my training log. I'm liking what I see. I've never been a really intense runner, at least in the sense of putting in mega miles each week. I'm a believer in the less-is-more training approach. Quality over quantity. Looking at my numbers for March, the quantity of my quality has taken a significant jump. And that is pretty sweet.

March was the very first month in which I have run over 100 miles. I ended up with 114.9. The last time I ran over 30 miles in a single week was in October 2006, the week of my last marathon. During March, I also logged not only one, but two consecutive weeks of 30+ miles. I guess this is a milestone for me, not that these are mega miles or anything. I'm feeling pretty special. Not because I reached any magic number, but because I am feeling really good. I've had some really great runs lately. A lot of confidence boosters for Boston. Just over two weeks to go, and I'll to have some more numbers (not to mention the experience) to be proud of.


Lani said...

I love to catch you admiring your numbers. You inspire me!

Nitmos said...

I am a huge stat geek. I puzzle over these silly numbers for hours in my head - probably to my training detriment. I'm also a big Quality over Qunatity guy. So no need to run junk miles.

Boston's getting cloer. Let's enjoy the victory lap (or 26.2 laps)!

The Laminator said...

Yeap, me too. I could stare at my stats for hours after a run. I also subscribe to the less is more philosophy of running too. Still, having a 100+ mile month is impressive. you're going to do great in Boston!

Frayed Laces said...

I think my Garmin turned me into a numbers freak. From distance to pace to heart rate to calories burned, I am a slave to the numbers.