Saturday, September 22, 2007

Running for Ron Paul--Shirt for Sale

As of May 30, 2008, this shirt is still available.

My wife and I are supporters of Ron Paul for president. I'm hoping some of my readers might be, too. I wanted to get the word out or at least pique some interest, so I had this moisture-wicking running shirt made from Running Banana. What could be better, promoting a cause I support, and at the same time doing what I love--running! Unfortunately, the shirt is a little big on me. So, I am asking other Ron Paul-supporting runners if anyone might be interested in purchasing this shirt from me so I can get one that actually fits me. Don't worry, I haven't gone running in it. I've only tried it on. Still as good as new. It is a men's size medium (chest 38"). I paid $36 with shipping. If you are interested, I would sell it for $20 plus shipping. So, you're getting a deal on a quality shirt. You can contact me at reidaxman at g mail dot com.

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