Friday, September 21, 2007

Back and Better than Ever!

Not only did we have another meet this week, but we also had grade checks again and got two boys back. They were so excited to be back on the team. Unfortunately, we lost another boy to bad grades, but we're confident he'll be back for our last two meets. Still, that's a net gain of one runner. Can't complain too much about that. So, we had four runners at our meet this week.

It was a nice course and another park here in Phoenix. They raced around a lagoon, over a bridge, around some softball fields, and through a section of park that was fenced off and supposed to be off-limits. Oops.

One of our boys was one of the front-runners and was within reach of the leader the entire way, but the boy from the other school had a stronger finish. He still came in second for us, which was very exciting! His brother was not too far behind (it was his first race). The other newcomer was surprised how difficult the race was, but still had a fun time. Next came our most improved runner. He cut over nine minutes of his time from last week! It is so much fun to see these kids progress. The smiles on their faces after the race is an awesome sight.

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