Monday, August 27, 2007

Minor Setback

Grade checks today. Yikes! Our already small team of eight is now an even smaller team of three due to bad grades. A teacher friend of mine told me the first-term grades are always the worst because the kids are just getting back into school and haven't started taking things as seriously as they need to. If the kids are getting bad grades, they are ineligible to participate. That means no going to practices or meets for three weeks. I ran into one of my ineligible runners after school and made sure he went to see his teacher to see what he needs to do to get his grades up. I wish I could have spoken with all the boys to encourage them to do the same. If at the end of three weeks, they have gotten their grades up, they will be able to start coming out again. Hopefully we will get some, if not all, of those guys back. I challenged the eligible runners to bug the others about their grades every time they see them and encourage them to work on getting them back up, and also to encourage their friends to come out for the team. Being small is not going to stop us, though. We are still going to practice and keep working to help these kids become better.


The Laminator said...

Great blog. I'm so jealous of your times. I want to BQ for Boston and someday be a running coach too. Your blog gives me inspiration. Thanks.

Pat said...

I think you should go to the principal and get all the kids with bad grades on the team. I'm just not sure how not running or particpating in other sports is good for the kid. More study hall is good. No sports so they can go home and play nintendo isn't.

Hey, but what do I know.

Jes said...

I hope they are able to bring up their grades. Will they be allowed back on the team, if they do? Have a great weekend!