Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Could lecithin be the solution to running related joint pain?

I've posted before about my wife's birth blog, but her latest post got me thinking. In her post she describes the common pregnancy pain in the pelvis and how eggs, more specifically lecithin, essentially rid her and others of the pain. The pain is caused by strain on the ligaments. So, I wonder if lecithin would be helpful in alleviating other joint pains. What do you think?

My dad had to give up running years ago because of bad knees, and subsequently had surgeries to repair damage, yet is still unable to run. I wonder if lecithin would have been helpful in getting back out there on the road.

Several months ago, I was having issues with my feet and ankles. Could lecithin have sped up my recovery? Who know? But it is all very intriguing, isn't it?

Check out her blog post, "Got Lecithin?" if you're interested.

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Eric Berg Pain Magic said...

yeah is to intriguing with that lecithin.