Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ragnar Relay race report, part 3

Continued from part 2.

I was really wishing I had volunteered for that long 8+ mile run. I was feeling great after that last 8 miler, and wanted to go again. As it was, I was running a 3.3 mile run, and another speedy guy was taking the long one. We cheered him on and headed to the next exchange where I would take my final run. There we waited, and waited. We waited a surprisingly long time, but he eventually made it (not feeling as good as he would have liked), and I took off. I was hoping to do this run really fast, like 5k race pace, but after about a mile, the previous 13 miles and only 30 minutes of sleep in the 30-something hours started to catch up to me. I still managed a pretty good pace, but was unable to go as fast as I wanted. I happened to see a guy that I recognized from other races I have done, and knew that he was faster than me. However, he clearly didn't feel very well, and slowed to a walk. A little over two miles, I hit an intersection where I had to wait at the stop light to cross (twice), and lost a lot of time. The guy was able to catch up to me while waiting, and got me a little worried because he looked like he was doing much better. I really didn't want to let him beat me. On the green, I took off at the fastest pace I thought I could hold, but I could still hear him behind me. With about a half mile to go, I continued to pick up the pace and had a strong finish, but was completely exhausted. Though, still with a smile on my face.

It was fun to chat with the runners from van #1 and cheer on the rest of our team. Once our final runner started, we headed for the finish to meet the rest of the team. When we were almost there, three of us got out to jog back and meet our runner and run in with her. She really appreciated us meeting her. We ended up running an additional 2 miles. Just before the finish, we met the rest of our team and crossed the finish line together. What an experience that was! The 12 of us in our bright yellow shirts into the arms of our families.

The whole event was incredible. I ended up running 19.41 miles over the weekend. What could be better than hanging out in a van for two days with a bunch of other runners? I can't wait to do it again! My buddy wants me to come up to Utah to do the Wasatch Back Ragnar this month, but unfortunately that is not likely to happen. I'll just have to wait until next year's Del Sol.

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Linda said...

It's fun to read about the race again. I couldn't believe how hard those last 3 or so miles were. Next time I'm making sure I charge the batteries on my MP3 player! Thanks again for doing a little extra running!