Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebrating 31 years with a week of 5ks and a virtual race

So, I turned 31 on Friday. 31 isn't really a milestoney year, but I wanted to do something different, something I have never done before. Sounds a little daring, doesn't it? I got to thinking, 31, 3.1. That's kinda cool. Why not make all my runs this week 3.1 miles? Why not run 3.1 miles every day? Why not go for "negative splits," and make each 5k faster than the previous day? What a way to celebrate, eh? I haven't run everyday since high school cross country, so I didn't know how I would hold up, and afterall, I'm not a teenager any more (even though I could probably pass for one).

Monday. 3.1 #1. 25:12
I started out the week pretty easy with a 5k before track practice (I'm coaching at the high school this year). Pretty slow, but considering I still had 4 more to run, I thought I was in a pretty good position to reach that negative split goal.

Tuesday. 3.1 #2. 24:29
I thought I was going to get rained on, but it was just starting to clear up when I headed out. I'm not really used to early morning runs anymore since I've been running mostly in the afternoon before track practice. And I forgot how dark it is.

Wednesday. 3.1 #3. 22:11
I didn't start out very fast. Maybe these consecutive days were starting to get to me. After about a mile though, I got in a groove, and just went. And it felt great!

Thursday. 3.1 #4. 21:15
This one felt pretty quick, but I was feeling pretty week towards the end. I started feeling nervous about the big day coming up. I'd have to really crank it out. I kept telling myself that a goal that is easily attainable is not much of a goal. That helped me stay motivated to keep going strong.

Friday. 3.1 #5. 20:52
This was by far the hardest 5k I've done this week. It was the coldest morning run of the week (a mere 47 degrees), I was tired, I had just run a reasonably quick 5k 14 hours prior, then spent about an hour running hurdles with the high school kids in the evening. But, afterall, a goal isn't much of a goal if it's easily attainable. So, I pushed through all that and managed perfect "negative splits" for the week. Happy birthday to me. :-)

Saturday. 6.66 miles. 50:46
So, Razz at Running off at the Mind put together this little "I hate winter" virtual race. I thought I'd give it ago, even though I love winter. I mean, come on. I live in Phoenix. Winter is the best time of year. The weather can't get much more perfect. 60 degree temps, sunshine. I feel sorta bad participating in this race because I haven't had to deal with the seemingly never-ending winter much of the rest of the country has had to face. But, I love races, so I couldn't pass it up.

I ran with a couple friends on a favorite course. There are some trails and some good-sized hills. We took it pretty easy most of the way, and enjoyed the course and our conversation. After a couple miles, one friend started to drop behind. He waved us on, and the other friend and I picked up the pace going up the hill. We got back to our cars at exactly 6 miles, and my buddy ended his run, and I kept going for another .33 miles, then turned around and finished with an even 6.66 (it was actually 6.68, but what's 2/100ths of a mile?). 50:46 was the final time. Oh, and 67 degrees was the temperature. And no cloud in the sky. Not to mention a lovely breeze. Sorry, but I love Arizona winters.


Buscando la Luz said...

So this is what you did while I was gone last night? :-)

Happy B-day to you!

merrymishaps said...

Happy belated birthday! What an interesting training week. You did a great job :)

I wish I could trade you a milestone. My 35th is fast approaching!

Nitmos said...

Congrats on the week of 5ks!

And it looks like we share a birthday though 8 years apart. Sorry about that.