Monday, June 1, 2009

Progress. I love it!

It seems like it's been a long time since I've written about how my running is going. After taking pretty much all of February off, and half of March with my knee injury, I've been taking things really easy and slowly working back into things. I started out running once or twice a week, only a couple miles at a time at about a 9-10 minute pace. I eventually worked my way up to 3 runs a week, at about an 8 minute pace. I am now running 4 times a week at a pretty decent pace, and it sure feels good. This morning I ran 4 miles in 27 minutes. I think my monthly mileage is a good indicator of the progress I've made over the last several months.I'd say I'm getting back to normal, although I'm still being very cautious. I've been icing my knee almost daily, not doing more than two tough workouts per week, and very gradually increasing my long runs on the weekends. I've also done some strength training for my quads, hips and hamstrings, although not as regularly as I should.

On my calendar, I've got a 5k on the 4th of July. I'm hoping to get down to about 19:30. I think if I can do that, I'll have a good chance at placing in my age group. Placing would be cool, but my goal is getting the time. I also hope to run a half marathon in October, and a full marathon in January. Hopefully some other 5ks or 10ks as well, as long as time and finances allow. I'm looking forward to getting faster, but I really want to run long again. Every time I walk by my marathon medals, I keep thinking to myself how I want more of them. I can't wait!


FLYERS26 said...

Best of luck with the runs.
Sounds like you have a nice plan to ease back into running.

Vava said...

Nice to see you are back on track and running well! 2009 should be a great comeback year and I look forward to following along and reading about your exploits.

Atrusni said...

Hello!! Nice to see you back at running!! I have an injury right now on my ankle, and I am trying to recover with my leg immovilized with a "walker" leg in crutches.

Did you do any excersise while you were recovering? I want to see if I can work on my abs on the meantime!!

chris mcpeake said...

Looks like your training is coming along nicely. Way to go