Monday, October 6, 2008

Change in Plans

A couple weeks ago, I read that the Los Angeles Marathon was purchased by the owner of the Dodgers and the date changed to President's Day. This was great news for me since I don't run on Sundays. There was another marathon I could do someday. I never thought I'd be doing it next year since I was already planning on one in January. That all changed this afternoon (well, the idea came to me last night).

My brother-in-law recently started his own marketing business, and I thought he might be interested in "sponsoring" me. Turns out he was real excited by the idea--enough to pay my registration fee, and provide a way for me to get paid to run. Sweet! I figured L.A., with it's 17,000+ runners and however many thousand spectators, would be a better location to advertise than along the shore of Lake Mead where there would probably only be a handful of spectators (although I still want to do this one the following year). I'll let you know more of the details as we work them out, and how you may be able to get involved as well.

I've heard read some negative comments about the last couple L.A. Marathons. Hopefully, with the new ownership, the race will change for the better, and maybe change the course. I'm also a little relieved that I'll have an extra month and a half to prepare, which will give my knee more time to recover.


Marci said...

Sounds exciting. I like Saturday marathons, that way you have all day Sunday to relax!

J~Mom said...

I wish we had more Saturday events here in the West. I think they do in the South.

Frayed Laces said...

Sponsorship! Sweet!

And I can't believe I missed it---congrats on your mile goal! Whoooo!

Vava said...

Amazing how things work out for the best! Good luck to your brother on his new business, and to you on your knee recovery!

Nitmos said...

He can sponsor me to for Detroit. I'll take a reimbursement for my registration fee (see the can of worms you've opened?)

LA sounds cool. Good luck.