Friday, July 18, 2008

My crafty wife

I love my wife. Lani is the best. She's beautiful, intelligent, insightful, motivating, supportive, creative, and a great mom. Add the fact that she's a runner, and she's a pretty sweet catch.

We recently celebrated our 7th anniversary (well, we actually haven't done anything yet), and she had the opportunity to show off some of her mad sewing skills and creativity. We have talked about doing something with my marathon medals besides storing them in a box in the closet. Yesterday, I remembered seeing what Nic's wife made him for Christmas, and we decided to do something similar. Later in the evening she went to work on the race shirt I got from our 10k on the 4th of July (which I still need to report on). The shirt is a medium, but looks more like an extra large. We cut off the sleeves and a strip from the sides and Lani sewed it all up, and Voila! I have a made-with-love-shirt that I probably wouldn't have been able to wear otherwise. Thanks Lani!!
And here's a close up of the shadow box:
Left to right: Park City, 2004; St. George, 2004; Salt Lake City, 2005; Park City, 2005, St. George, 2006; Boston, 2008


Fig said...

So much awesome packed into her teeny self . . . and how cool are all your medals? Like, SO cool.

Mark said...

I like the shadow box - great idea. My medals are decorating the inside of my desk drawer.

Nitmos said...

That's a cool shirt and shadow box. I've got to get on something like that myself.

I see you are tackling The Perfect Mile. I was really into that story. For you, an aspiring sub 5 minute miler, it is probably the perfect read right now!

Reid said...

Hey Nitmos. I love The Perfect Mile! I'm already almost finished with it. I feel the rush of adrenaline and that familiar nervous feeling with each race described in the book. It's also getting me real excited for my 1 mile race coming up next month. Thanks again for the recommendation!

Laura said...

The shadow box is amazing! I need to make one of those.