Wednesday, October 3, 2007


"Pronunciation: præt-fawl (-fawl)
Part of Speech: Noun
Meaning: 1. A fall on the bum, bottom, rear, butt. 2. A mortifying blunder, an inexcusable act of stupidity." (

Because of a pratfall last week, I think I will be taking some unwelcome time off. In response to my humbling experience (see Humbled), I wanted to have a fun game day for the boys, so we ran over to a nearby park and played tag. Of course, the boys tried to chase me, so I was teasing one of them by running backward. I don't know if a sprinkler jumped out at me or if I just tripped over my own feet, but I fell right down (hard) on my gluteus maximus. It hurt pretty bad, but I was able to get up and keep playing (though not quite as fast, and definitely not backwards), without too much discomfort.

I was a little sore the next few days, but I didn't think it was a problem. So on Saturday, I went out for an easy 5 miles. It was a little sore, but after about a half mile, it felt fine. Then on Monday morning, I went out again, and the back of my whole left leg was really tight. Since then, my rear has been even more uncomfortable, so I am deciding to take some time off to recover. My wife and I have joked that not being able to run would be my own personal hell. Hopefully, it won't last too long.

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Lani said...

Oooh... that's one word I'm going to have to file away in my brain. Yay. I love words. Feel better soon. :-)